Green Hor Jacket by Desigual

  • $ 215.00

Corduroy. Knit. Floral print. Embroidery. Faux fur... This all-rounder jacket is rich in details and textures. When you wear it you’ll discover a wealth of different sensations. New for this collection, the chunky cord on the front, and the cozy removable furry collar will let you lengthen the season by wearing it into autumn and way beyond. The knit sleeves with floral pattern, and the embroidery at the hemline of the jacket add that ethnic touches that make it so special. The green of the little front pockets contrasts with the cinnamon brown of the corduroy. And, at the back, the line embroidered with a floral border pattern makes this piece a total gift for the senses.

81% cotton 12% acrylic 4% viscose 1% metallised fiber 1% polyester