Zippered Rabbit Vest with Sequin Trim by Dana Stein

  • $ 320.00

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Sometimes a piece comes along, that is so unique and eye-catching, that you think to yourself, “I don’t have a place to wear this yet, but I know I’ll wear it a lot.” This is where our multimedia rabbit vest comes in. The front is a singular combination of supple rex rabbit with an interior sequin trim. The back is a simple, but gorgeous cable knit. In all, this highly textured piece brings together a certain elegance with the fur, an undeniable panache with the sequins and an understated refinement with the contrasting cable stitch. It is a piece you will undoubtedly wear many times over, whenever you want to pile on sophisticated style. 

  • XS-XL

  • Wool 50%, Acrylic 50%, ranch-raised rabbit.

  • Professional fur clean.